Real Estate IDX Websites is a web design solution for residential real estate agents looking to gain an online presence instantly. Each of our sites come with a full suite of real estate website features including, MLS integration, search engine optimization, email hosting and more. We integrate your brand and identity into your own, customizable, mobile friendly website with the quickest turnaround time possible.

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About Our Real Estate Website Features

Real estate RETS/IDX solutions and MLS integration.

Real Estate IDX Websites specializes in real estate websites with proven results. Each of our real estate websites comes with a full suite of industry features including:

  • 24-hour turnaround from order to launch
  • Real-time MLS feed integration
  • Customize your listings with photos or videos
  • Lead generation opportunities embedded throughout
  • Easy to use WordPress content management system
  • Mobile and tablet friendly Bootstrap, responsive webdesign.
  • Smart Search technology for your web visitors with both map and list views
  • Agent profile pages
  • Multiple board integration
  • Choose your featured properties
  • Open house information
  • Virtual tours
  • Google maps
  • Bio page
  • Customer testimonials
  • Community profiles

Our Graphic Design and User Interface Architecture

Your logo and brand standards are in the forefront of our design process.

Fill out the easy Real Estate IDX Website Customer Questionnaire which discovers your needs and objectives. Our website designer will develop the graphic look and feel of your website based on feedback from this questionnaire. Our focus will be on designing a professional and clean looking website. We will take your logo and brand guidelines into consideration at this stage of process.


Real-time MLS Feed and Lead Capture Features are customized for you.

Each Real Estate IDX Website comes with the industry’s best MLS Listing service, SEO RETS. The SEO RETS plugin allows us to pull real-time RETS and IDX real estate listings from your real estate board directly to your website. We set up and configure the plugin for you, and create the landing pages you’ve requested. Read more about SEO RETS

Content Creation

If needed, custom content is created with your customer in mind.

As an added bonus, for those who need it, we begin the process of creating new content, outlining needs for media like images and videos, and making any updates to existing content you may already have. It is important that this part of the process begins immediately since it is often the most time consuming part of a website’s development timeline. We work closely with you on this step to make sure your site captures all of your services and offerings.

Website Development and Testing

We develop using the user-friendly CMS WordPress platform.

We work on the development of your new website on our secure dev servers. This insures that your current website, if you have one, will not be disturbed during development. We troubleshoot any issues, features and customer requests until the site meets our strict standards.
We optimize your website for all of the latest browsers and all of our websites are developed with responsive design to ensure users on all technology, desktop, phone and tablet, can easily access the site.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO increases your position on search engine results pages.

All of our websites include the following search friendly features which help your site rank well in the top search engines like Google and Bing.

  • XML sitemap generator
  • Ability to submit sitemap to Google
  • Customizable SEO Meta Tags
  • Indexable listings with SEO friendly URLs
  • Auto-generated indexable GEO Targeted City Pages with SEO URLs
  • Auto-generated indexable GEO Targeted Community Pages with SEO URLs
  • Auto-generated indexable Condo Pages with SEO URLs
  • No Sub Domain or CNames – You Get the Credit for the Listings

Website and Email Hosting

Enjoy secure and dependable hosting for your website.

Real Estate IDX Website provides secure and reliable hosting and maintains all of our servers in a secure U.S. based data center. All of our servers are monitored 24/7 and are backed up nightly.

Launch and Post-launch Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support for your new site is always available.

Real Estate IDX Website is available to make functional changes, structural layout changes and updates upon need, but these types of changes may require additional costs if they expand beyond the scope of the project.

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