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Sell more homes with a real-time MLS feed and improved smart search technology. Customize and feature specific listings, giving your homes-for-sale an advantage over the competition. All with optimized landing pages that improve your online visibility on the top search engines.

Real Estate IDX Websites offers template-based real estate websites that convert visitors into buyers and sellers! We strive to create websites for our clients that are unique in their market. The images and copy can be edited to customize your website further.

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Choosing the perfect real estate website theme

Your website is the face of your business, and your WordPress theme should complement your market. Choosing the right theme is important, because it’s the first thing your web visitors notice upon landing on your website. You want it to look professional and represent you well.
The real estate home buying market is increasingly a mobile market and it’s important that your website operate properly on all mobile devices, including tablets and other smart devices. Each of our Real Estate IDX Website themes are responsive, meaning they were developed with this mobile market in mind. Our themes are also tested for all modern web browsers.


The Sonoran

A Powerful, Crimson Red Real Estate Website Theme

Red is a power color, it is associated with strength and determination. Red stimulates people to make quick decisions too. It’s a perfect color for a “Buy Now” real estate market. Red definitely makes a statement and might be the perfect color for your powerful, bold real estate agency.


The Coast

Keep Calm and Carry on With your New Blue Real Estate Website Theme

Breathe a breath of fresh air into your website. Blue is a non-threatening color and evokes feelings of calmness and serenity. Blue is a more casual color, and is a perfect choice for a coastal real estate market.


The City

A Modern Gray, City Sleek Real Estate Website Theme

Gray is a great neutral and is a very modern website color choice. This theme is the perfect option for a real estate market in a thriving city. The metallic look of a gray color palette is strong and chic. Our gray theme is calm, cool and collected.


The Tropics

Shine Brightly with a Sunny Orange Real Estate Theme

You can’t view orange without thinking about warmth, joy, sunshine and tropical sunsets. Orange is a high visibility color and is a great way to make a statement through your website. Orange is also symbolic of strength and is an assuring color for buyers.

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